never-forget-who-you-areI haven’t been posting for a while because I have been doing some research on the purpose of healing the body when more and more, I realise ┬áthat the real healing factor is no other than my Self. There are so many ways of healing the body, whatever works for one person might not work for another or not as well or effectively as for another. Everyone is different. But why? Or rather how?
We might be constructed the same way and we kind of look the same as well, in this I mean that we have (most of us) limbs, a trunk that shelters our vital organs, a head (more or less well attached to the rest of our body!), and from a distance it seems that we all should be responding the same way to healing. We know it’s not the case: I won’t talk about allopathic medicine as it isn’t about healing but more about commerce!

So, among all the various ways of healing may it be homeopathy, naturopathy, chiropractic therapy, herbalism, flower therapy, hypnotherapy and so on…I realise they are never going to work if the patient is not willing to do some serious inner work as this is the root of all ailment and dis-ease. This is where the “real” work lies first and foremost. The rest is just a crutch to help in that direction. Over the past few months I have had the opportunity to test this theory and I would even go as far as saying that no medicine is needed if the person suffering is able to be aware of the reason of the suffering. I do realise that if a person is very deep down the hole of depression it might be very difficult to achieve (and I also went through this at a time in my life) but absolutely not impossible and that’s also where the plants can help towards those first steps of recovering giving a rest to the person giving her/him, a window of opportunity to start the deep introspection work mainly through meditation.

Events in my life, over the last couple of years, have caused me to have various ailments going from severe sciatica, a return of dust allergy I hadn’t suffered from for years and suddenly made a come back to various other minor ailments, usually attacking the nervous system on a more or less deep level. Each time it happened I searched what was the cause of that physical state and found it. After meditating on it and making a profound turn around in my way of thinking about whatever issue had risen in my life to cause this dis-ease, it vanished in a matter of hours. I know it is up to me to keep a lid on negative thoughts and remain focussed on high vibrations and all is well…We all have experiences in our lives that are more or less pleasant, and it is up to us to find the positive side of them as nothing is just negative. By being in a state of resistance to what is happening in our lives we create a blockage of the flow of our vital energy. Stagnation isn’t good for anything. We are meant to change and evolve always towards something better all the time. Nothing stays as it is. Everything changes, evolves and so do we. When we create a state of stagnation we become stuck and that’s when disease shows its nose.

Disease is not something to be feared or hated but rather to be thankful for because it is there to show us we are going away from the path of wisdom and it is time to change if we don’t want to endure more of it. It is like a road signal: if it says “the road ends a bit further away”, do you really want to carry on driving in the same direction?

So, you might say: “what is it with that title?” That’s when I say: “I believe that we are 100% responsible for our health and therefore the only ones who know what our body is about because it our own vehicle and no one else can know it as well as ourselves.” Know yourself to the best of your ability, which is infinite, and regain your power over your body and mind. There is no separation between the two as the mind governs the body. I could go even further on the subject and deepen the meaning of it with our connection between the two and to the Divine and Soul, but this is for another discussion.

If you are more interested in re-discovering yourself and really knowing yourself, it is a useful thing to keep a journal with you where you can record and associate events in your life and the way they make you feel and then how your body reacts. Write down what is going on in your life, then how it makes you feel emotionally and then how your physical body is at the time. Often it isn’t an instant process, although I find that as time goes the effects are on the fast track, and I usually don’t have to wait for long before the physical signs start to show up. Headaches for example which are the most common ailments are very easy to avoid when you start to realise what pattern of thought triggers them. You will see the headache disappears in the matter of seconds or minutes. The seriousness of an ailment is often linked to the duration of a thought pattern and so the longer you have been having the same thoughts the deeper the dis-ease will be. So, once again, become more aware of where your thoughts are taking you because it might be on a very rocky road!


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