How to reduce menopause symptoms and discomfort

Feel free to do some more research on the subject and also you need to see what really works for you as all bodies and souls are different!

The main foods to avoid

  • Processed sugar is the worst of all as it feeds Candida in your guts causing inflammation in the body;
  • Processed soy, unless it is fermented such as natto, contains certain types of oestrogen that aren’t good for your body;
  • Conventional meat is often packed with hormones, antibiotics and are also often GMO based;
  • Packaged foods that are based on hydrogenated oils, refined flour, corn syrup…
  • Artificial sweeteners will cause havoc on hormones;
  • Gluten as it will irritate your gut lining and cause inflammation which in turn causes auto-immune system disorders.

Foods that are good for you

  • Of course the main argument is to aim at the best possible source of organic/natural foods;
  • Healthy fats with short and medium molecular chain such as coconut oil, avocado rich in potassium, magnesium, Omega 9 fats that support your hormonal system; Omega 3 fats such as fish oils, grass-fed organic meats and nuts;
  • Berries are great because they are loaded with antioxidants (molecule name: polyphenols), also green tea and raw cocoa beans to name but a few;
  • Sprouted seeds (superfoods) such as alfalfa, flax, chia, hemp…
  • Cruciferous vegetables (all the cabbage vegetables) as they help your body detoxify and get rid of all the unwanted hormones (phyto-oestrogens).

The best supplements to support your body during menopause

  • Probiotics: 95% of the Serotonin hormone ( happy/feel good hormone) is produced in the gut, so it is paramount that your gut is in its best of health; they are found in the form of capsules in a very concentrated dosage, but you can also keep them at home through home-made processes such as Kombucha, Kefir, fermented vegetables (sauerkraut is a good example but the same process can be applied to so many more veggies), Tempeh, miso, soy sauce, Natto…
  • Minerals and Trace Elements are lacking in all our foods, and our bodies need those to function properly. You will also avoid suffering from Osteoporosis which is plaguing women in their later years. Remember that the main cause of depletion of bone density is Fluoride, so don’t take table salt that contains it, drink fluoridated water or commercial toothpaste! The effects of fluoride run deep and there is a lot to be said against it. The best brand I know of trace minerals is Trace Minerals Research and you can get them on Amazon. They are not cheap but they will last for a long time and because they are in liquid form they are readily absorbed by the body;
  • Black Cohosh is frequently used by women who suffer from hot flushes but avoid if you have liver problems;
  • Ashwaganda/ holy basil (I wouldn’t recommend ginseng to women as some do because in Chinese Medicine this is a herb only recommended to men);
  • Omega 3;
  • Vitamin D, better taken with your minerals and trace elements for better absorption;
  • Saint-John’s Wort is used to improve mood swings and depression often present in Menopause It’s even more potent when combined with Black Cohosh;
  • Essential oils such as Clary Sage which balances Oestrogen and Thyme which balances Progesterone. For the mood: Ylang-Ylang, Sandalwood and wild orange;
  • Collagen and the most frequent way of taking it is by eating dishes made with a base of bone broth (the best broth will be combining all three types containing marrow, bones, tendons, cartilage and skin). If you are vegan or vegetarian you can still find organic supplements: check on Amazon or your Health Food retailer.

Remember: Always choose your supplements plant-based and organic! Many supplements bought even in health shops are petrol-based (you wouldn’t believe it, would you! I was amazed when I learned about it too!).

Life style

  • Avoid stress whenever you can by practising deep breathing (through the belly), not following the news, avoiding drama, practising inner calm through walks, exercice, meditation, yoga…whatever rocks your boat! Nature is also a great place to be to unwind (weather allowing!), as it allows you to unload all your negative energies and transmute them into positive ones.
  • Exercise to get your body to shift all the stress and get your Chi (life energy) to move around: your life energy needs to be moving to help you stay in good health and shift whatever the menopause and your every day life are bringing. Stagnation isn’t good for anything, look what happens to water when it is left to stand for ages…it goes bad. The same rule applies to your body.

This is a lot to take in but if you really want to see the difference this is what it takes. Do what you can at the pace you can. Don’t stress about it. Every step you take is one nearer to your goal. Not only you will see a difference for your menopause symptoms, but you will see a general health boost throughout. If it helps motivate you, think that you are doing the best for your body and yourself because you want what is best for them.
One rule of thumb to keep in mind: «Let that food be thy medicine!» (Hippocrates)

Doctors, particularly since the Second World War and the rise of the pharmaceutical industry and the invention of the Codex Alimentarius, do not receive training on nutrition but only on which chemical medicine to prescribe to their patients for maximum profit. Your health has very little to do with the general medical concern anymore and hasn’t for a very long time, why? Because Nature cannot be patented but chemicals can!
Your best friend is your body and the amazing mechanisms it contains. We were created to be self-healing but this is not going to happen if our immune system which is our internal army is ran down which is the case of most people in our societies.

Some serious considerations about HRT
Before going on a course of HRT which is going to go on for many years, you have to consider the many effects these drugs have on the body and their origins:
HRT’s oestrogen originates from mare urine and therefore is hardly fit for human consumption.
It is also marketed as «anti-ageing» which is utter bull because it does not reverse or slow down that natural process. Ageing is what creates menopause and not the other way around.
Moreover, studies have shown that taking oestrogen can lead to an increased risk of cancer,
gallbladder disease and hypertension, breast tenderness, weight gain, pelvic pain, vaginal bleeding,
leg pain, digestive disorders (nausea/vomiting), recurrence of allergies, headaches, fluid retention
and depression.
Give the best chance to your body to defend itself by feeding what it needs: a natural alimentation
free of pesticides, herbicides, hormones, antibiotics, GMOs and other chemicals. Yes, it’s scary to see
how much our world has evolved into something that is so far removed from the Natural World, it
is also each and every one of us responsibility to take our own health and our own life in
charge! No one knows our body better than ourselves!
Some references you might find useful:
https://www.wddty.com/magazine/2016/february/souper-food.html   http://www.pathophys.org/menopause/



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