Hello everyone!

I am so excited to give birth to this blog called The Little Health Journal!
I wanted to publish info about how to keep healthy and how things work in order to help people, who want to inform themselves about how to be in control of their health, in a very simple (and straight to the point) way. I find that, sometimes, the info available on the net is really hard to follow if you don’t have a scientific background, and so I decided to publish small pieces of information to help people make a conscious decision, if they want to change their lives, in an informed way. Times are changing fast, more and more people are coming to the conclusion that their health is the one capital we cannot afford to loose. The old allopathic (also called traditional medicine) way of treating patients has proven over and over that it is more dangerous than it does good while curing an illness (or disguising its symptoms) and destroying the rest of the body in the process with the use of dangerous chemicals (allegedly safe for our consumption and with about three pages of counter-indications)!

More and more herbalists, naturopaths and other forms of holistic healers have found their way back into the “open world” despite the relentless efforts of the governments and big pharmaceutical companies to silence them (through very restraining laws for example:i.e. CODEX) and take their rights away by constricting the span of their freedom of practising their skills, fear-mongering regarding herbs and ridiculing their knowledge and wisdom.

I hope this blog will be a small contribution towards restoring knowledge and confidence in the natural way of healing and the wisdom of our dear Mother Earth who has always been providing for us everything we needed, and carries on despite our less than respectful attitude towards her (but it is all changing now and this is good!).

I send you all my love and light and wish you a very happy reading.



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